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Yahoo is abandoning "omg!" as the name of its celebrity-news the company's biggest entertainment property and one of the Internet's top.

Alexa Skills: Have a Celebrity like Alec Baldwin Wake You Up
One of those is having the ability to choose an actual "celebrity" as an alarm sound instead of just beeps and whistles. To do this, use the Alexa app for Android or iOS - or on the web at: http://alexa.amazon.com/ and

Mary Tyler Moore Buried in Private Funeral Service at Connecticut Cemetery
Moore's burial mound was "covered in white orchids, and roses and other flowers accented the site," according to the newspaper. A five-foot statue of a seated female angel was placed near Moore's tomb, and her family reportedly purchased up to 12

Bollywood Film Critiques Raees: Viewers Went Mad After Watching “Raees” Shahrukh Khan
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Kennedy Drug Scandal! Family Home Site Of Major Drug Bust
Caroline Kennedy has her eye on the White House, but a new family scandal threatens to torpedo her political career, RadarOnline.com has learned. According to new reports, a Cape Cod home owned by her family members has been exposed as the center of a

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