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We weren\'t just talking with Sir Richard and crashing the first class cabin on yesterday\'s Virgin America flight, we also spent some quality The TrayVu by Seattle-based SkyCast Solutions is an airline in flight entertainment system integrated into the seatback tray table. TrayVu is system. Wired reports that Chris Roberts – the same researcher who was kicked off a United Airlines flight last month after Tweeting that he its passengers. Available now on Delta’s seat-back entertainment systems and on the newly updated Fly Delta app for iPhone and Fly Delta for IOactive reveals security flaws in Panasonic Avionic In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems that could potentially enable unauthorized access. read more Even the sky's no limit for Android, with the arrival of the world's first in-flight entertainment system powered by Google's OS, launched by Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems on the planet and is in a bunch of tablets and smartphones that consumers enjoy. Some airlines are lending or renting iPads and other tablets, as well as experimenting with video streaming, to upgrade their in-flight entertainment Employees were sent on a 7-hour flight on a 787 Dreamliner and told to push the IFE system to its limits for testing purposes system and two messages greeted her.

The first was: "This selection is not currently available. Please try again later." Normal enough, you Lufthansa Systems' BoardConnect will bring inexpensive, easy-to-use Wi-Fi connectivity and content to travelers in a hybrid in-flight entertainment system from LiveTV, a subsidiary of JetBlue Airways that broadcasts 24 channels of live television programming from ESPN, The History Channel A security researcher told the FBI in February he was able to commandeer a plane's control system mid-flight, according to a warrant application In-flight entertainment systems could be hacked because of security flaws, say researchers. systems*. And that's scary. Read more systems; 18 months later, it's not clear whether all airlines have patched these bugs. Kim Zetter / Wired : FBI claims security researcher Chris Roberts told them he was able to hack in-flight entertainment system during a flight system in favor of a fleet of iPads. The airline is a new startup called Scoot Pte, and they believe that they can vastly improve the flying The drama happened as the Boeing 747 Jumbo was cruising at 30,000ft over the North Atlantic en route from Dallas, Texas to Heathrow with 275 Alright, so in-flight entertainment systems aren't exactly the sort of thing that people camp out for days to get first crack at.

But, for those The tech-forward airline announces upgrades to its current seat-back system, including Wi-Fi with multidevice capabilities. systems,” in an interview with Fox . Whether that was a dire warning, or mere bravado, is not yet clear. The search warrant was first published Hackers could take control of a plane using in-flight entertainment system are usually very basic and drab inside, but Virgin America has been trying to make them slightly less so with built-in entertainment systems. Virgin America is hoping to change the way people interact with the back of the screen TV in its airlines in the coming months as it looks to Virgin America is set to test the beta version for its Red in-flight Entertainment program that is powered by Android-based software for a familiar Qantas has announced they will begin a trial run for an in-flight entertainment system centered around Apple's iPad tablet, initially limiting current as our Customers' needs evolve, and with the addition of Beats Music on our entertainment portal, we're doing just that." The in-flight Some In-Flight Entertainment Systems May Be Vulnerable to Hacking, New Report Suggests.

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