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It can be hard to express love with just a romantic gesture or a simple "I you." Sometimes we need a good laugh instead — even when it comes.

My love for small sunbaked rod
Permalink to Joke for Friday, 17 March 2017 from site Pun Gents - My love for small sunbaked rod, you can bookmark this joke. Funny joke of the day is carefully selected joke. Goal is to have funny joke every day. Different people consider different jokes

17 jokes that only smart people will really appreciate
Here are 17 of the best jokes for smart people: Dylan Love contributed to an earlier version of this post. It's funny because: A more labor-conscious plumber would pronounce the word as "yoon-yun-ized." A chemist would probably say "un-eye-on-ized."

Hulu Nabs Sarah Silverman Topical Show ‘I Love You, America’ From Funny Or Die
I hear I Love You, America stems from marrying an idea Silverman had in the space with one the Funny or Die team From inciting treason to telling poop jokes, Sarah Silverman often has been a lightning rod for heated online debate.

'Definition of car crash TV': Viewers slam 'totally unfunny' Comic Relief as it's overshadowed by bad language, crude jokes and technical glitches
I love vic and bob but this is weird.' Along with the comedians' poor penis joke, viewers were quick to point out that Bring on Ant and Dec, they're funny without it.' Another vented: '#comicrelief only so much cringe a man can take!

Pregnancy cravings are funny but they're no joke
“There are so many precious pregnancy photos out there (which I love) but I think it's nice to see something different and funny something that can relate to a lot of people, not just pregnant women.” Who couldn't relate to the love of lollie

Want to get ahead at work? It can pay to be funny
People perceive funny colleagues as more competent and confident than serious that elicits laughter increases perception of competence. Telling an inappropriate joke makes a joke teller appear more confident, but less competent and decreases status.

Quantum mechanics may explain why some jokes are funny — and others, not so much
A team from the University of British Columbia, Canada, has developed a mathematical model of humor which they hope can predict whether a joke will be funny or not. We all love a good sense of humor, but so far scientists don’t actually know what makes

Sarah Silverman and Funny Or Die working on chat show for Hulu
March 27 (UPI) --Sarah Silverman has signed on to star in I Love You production company Funny or Die. Silverman, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Amy Zvi are the show's executive producers. "From inciting treason to telling poop jokes, Sarah Silverman

Red Nose Day Actually review - not funny, but at least it raised money
He’s always funny, and I liked the idea A lot Red Nose Day tolerance was needed to wave that joke through. Liam Neeson (who himself hardly seems to have aged a day) was emotionally reunited with his son, the love of whose life turned out not to

For Man Hipster O-Neck Causal Cool Tops Men Quirky Novelty Joke Funny Gift Love Cake Love Me T Shirt Short Sleeve Summer Style
Dear Customer, All T shirts areAsian Size, pls check size chart when making an order! 1.once you know your body measurements,consult the Size Chart on the product pages for actual item measurements to determine which size you should purchase. 2.please

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    My coeledoncns — he sounds like a great guy. In a sense, though, he will live on through you and your kids. 70 years from now, your daughter may be showing her grandkids that photo and telling about the man who held her hand …

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