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Patty Jenkins has confirmed that she will come back for Wonder Woman 2, and has suggested interest in taking the story to America, but what has not yet been officially said is what time period the blockbuster will be set in. As a follow-up to the World War I-centric adventures of the first Wonder Woman, could the sequel take  21 Dec 2015 "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" opened last week and looks set to dominate the box office this month.

The film is the seventh in the "Star Wars" series, and it represents part of a growing trend in Hollywood for blockbuster franchise movies. Citadel's Stephen Parlett, Evan Ericson, Joe Pasqualichio, and  5 Dec 2017 Future movies are planned, likely based around other holidays in the calendar. Beetlejuice 2. Tim Burton hasn't made a habit of doing sequels, but it looks as if he's finally been convinced to make a follow-up to his 80s delight, Beetlejuice.

A sequel to it was mooted after the original was first released, yet the  11 Aug 2017 As moviegoers, we're accustomed to gigantic blockbuster franchises. We've almost come to expect multiple sequels to follow anything that even remotely succeeds in theaters, as it has become the en-vogue way for studios to make a quick and easy buck. But what happens when a studio swings and  4 Jan 2018 A Taraji P.

Henson action thriller this close to Black Panther's release feels like an embarrassment of riches, but we'll take it. Henson And now he's the first black character to get a stand-alone feature within the Marvel Cinematic Universe — one specifically intended to launch a new blockbuster franchise. 17 Jul 2017 Sometimes, reboots can be a good thing. Such is the case with one of modern cinema's most unexpectedly rich and rewarding (and unique) blockbuster franchises, the effectively rejiggered “Planet of the Apes,” which used the bones of a beloved classic to craft a series that continually stands out on its own  21 Dec 2017 Netflix's big blockbuster Bright doesn't debut on the streaming service until December 22nd, but the company is already plotting out its next steps.

Bloomberg reports that the company has ordered a sequel to the fantasy cop film, with Will Smith set to star again. Bright is set in an alternate world where  16 Feb 2018 This year, Seismic Games will release the innovative mobile role playing game Marvel Strike Force and the immersive virtual reality game Blade Runner: Revelations, tied to the recent film sequel Blade Runner 2049 starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

As gaming increasingly leans toward major IP  7 Jul 2017 When even the acclaimed sequels are expected to fall short at the box office, then Hollywood clearly has a franchise problem. Next week, War for the Planet of the Apes opens in cinemas off the back of hugely positive reviews, but experts are already predicting its opening weekend to likely fall just a little  6 Sep 2013 Returning to familiar characters and worlds we love is like covering yourself with a warm blanket, although when a sequel is bad it can be like a One of the big gambles of summer 2013 is Pacific Rim, a massive and expensive blockbuster that doesn't have the safety blanket of a franchise of any kind .

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