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"Michelle Obama: Realizing that this will look bad," the 2 Nonchalance Boys, the "BEST.DAY.OF.LIFE." Reporter Girl, and all the rest including The photographer's explanation of his photograph: I was in Barcelona for a week shooting the local BMX scene. Barcelona is definitely one of wallpaper made for me. I just like the geometrical objects to cool my mind which is full of stressful thoughts after a long day of work. View dozens of detailed pictures that accompany our 2015 Smart ForFour spy photos article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features. to think that the seemingly never-ending 80s fashion revival is actually cool, then it’s likely that you have a stack of real, printed photos Photo Editor by Aviary , the official iOS edition of the Image Editor from the Aviary Tools Web browser suite, has just been updated with a couple Your digital collection is a mess? You could install a free manager to help you out, but don’t expect too much: they’re often just Get Fotolr Album-photo transfer and manage on the App Store.

See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews. is pretty much the point. But memes sometimes live onand not just in other memes. This kind of meta memes-in-memes headspin informs the If I’m reading this right, Apple has just completely eliminated the 1000-photo, 30-day limit on Stream. Sounds like a huge upgrade to the Photo Editor by Aviary has just been updated with a couple of notable improvements. Winter may herald a miserable three months in the bush capital, but for photography enthusiasts willing to brave the cold, it is a chance to Get Lina3D - Photo Studio For Lively Photos on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews. While the Miami Heat were experiencing the thrill of victory, the San Antonio Spurs were dealing with the agony of defeat. " It Happened to Me : I Used A Photo Of My Naked Back As My OKCupid Profile Photo." The shocking true story of how to write 1,206 words about Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

Show off your favorite and videos to Get Cool Camera - Free photo booth effects with photo & video on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews. Due to a friend’s tip, he discovered one of his photos as winning entry on Samsung Camera’s contest „Live the moment“ on Facebook. Horizontally View dozens of detailed pictures that accompany our 2014 Ford Fiesta Spy article with close-up of exterior and interior features. friends into a circle and had them aim their cameras at the screen of the person in front of them, forming an endless loop of within Last week we assembled the ten best tips for taking a perfect car photo from suggestions made by Jalopnik readers. A few days later Ford told How many photos do you take a month? Because Apple has more than doubled how many photos it will allow you to upload to Photo Stream every month, Q: I’ve updated to iOS 7 and now whenever I delete a picture in my Photos app, it actually removes it from my Photo Stream as well.

I’m certain Facebook analytics provider Wise Metrics came up with a neat trick for manipulating the way photos are displayed on users’ news feeds so that Amazon on Friday released its Cloud Drive Photos app, and corresponding 5 gigabytes worth of free cloud storage, in what is essentially a competitor Reaction to Instagram’s announcement Monday that it reserves the right to incorporate users’ photos and likenesses into ads, similar to Facebook’s #30 made me laugh. #5 is my favorite. But don't take my word for it. I've been up since 4 a.m., woken by birds, the usual pre-dawn twittering Bruce Mau Design makes an app of its clever Canadian brand ID. Think you know Canada? A new photo app for Apple, KnowCanada, is encouraging Facebook is constantly exploring ways to monetize its news feed , but what about the 350 million photos that are added to the social network View dozens of detailed pictures that accompany our BMW M4 Spy Photos article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features.


photo photos

photo photos

Here’s a couple’s Adam and Eve pre-wedding photo, Nigerians react (photos/Reactions)
With the pre-wedding photo shoot craze that has spread across Nigeria, a Nigerian couple decided to recreate the biblical Adam and Eve scenario in their pre-wedding photo shoot. The couple in the photo are Ifeanyi Orakwue, an OAP/Producer at Radio

Underwater shot wins Del Val's environmental photo contest
The winner of the Delaware Valley High School Environmental Club's annual photo contest is Michael Frey, a junior from Kingwood Township. Runner-up was Emily Del Greco, a senior from Holland Township. After 40 photos were submitted, the top 10 were

How to set up Google Photos
Never lose a photo again, once you've set up Google Photos. Having access to all of your photos at a swipe is kind of like living the dream, at least for many photographers it is. If you're snap-happy, then you owe it to yourself to make sure that you

These Before & After Photos Get Real About Mental Health
"I look like I’m doing well there," she said of the filtered photo, "but I absolutely wasn’t. These two photos taken in the same night tell totally different stories, so I just want to remind you that you don't need to hide your pain away from the world.

Photos to Paintings
Everyone has that memorable family photo that is near and dear to their heart. Now you have the unique opportunity to commission one of our skilled artists to hand-paint a genuine oil painting on canvas from one of your most cherished photos at truly

How to Take Good Photos
But when I bothered to learn how exposure actually works, my photos went from “that’s cute” to “wow, that actually doesn’t suck.” And This is How to Make a Good Photo Exposure depends on three factors: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO

Historic photos capture evolution of the SF Muni bus
It crossed Golden Gate Park. There aren't any bus photos in the folder from the Twenties or Thirties, I had to get them from another source. But, every other decade was well represented. The photo from 1918 was used in an article that was published in 1962.

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