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Celebrity Cars Blog - Find out what your favorite drives at Cars | Cars, Celebrity Rides, What Celebrities Drive. Advanced gossip and pop culture analysis including breakups, hook-ups, cheaters, lovers and all things Hollywood! Writing can be very cathartic for some people, and celebrities are no exception. Several famous actors, actresses, TV stars and musicians have blogs. Some of  Check back often for the most up-to-the-second gossip, news and Hollywood happenings anywhere. Follow storie

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Cincinnati CityBeat (blog)What a Week! Feb. 22-28Cincinnati CityBeat (blog)NASA announced Wednesday the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star outside our solar system. The TRAPPIST-1 system shows potential to support life, consisting of temperate rocky planets that might even have oceans. So let's see: NASA Telescope Reveals Record-Breaking Exoplanet Discovery | NASANASAall 125 news articles » QueertyWe're Very, Very Thankful For All The Male Celeb

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Join the free Grim Oak Press newsletter as well and, when the website is updated with items of interest and news, be notified by email! Join 1,693 other subscribers Check out the latest celebrity styles, most coveted beauty secrets, gorgeous new hairstyles, and everything red carpet from Stylish by Us Weekly. You know that amazing Katee Life jiggle GIF I posted a while ago? Well, I just found the video where its from and lets just say that it contains a lot more than just blogsome.

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Yahoo TV (blog)Justin Bieber Bounces Back From Big Hit at NHL All-Star Celebrity ShootoutYahoo TV (blog)The 22-year-old singer made quite the impression at the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout on Saturday, where he joined Wayne Gretzky's winning team. EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber Auctions Ferrari for Over $400,000: 'I Have to Say Goodbye to My Baby!'and more » KNBR.

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NPRIn England, An Effort To Preserve Ancient, Epic Assyrian Poetry - NPRNPRDriven to save his culture, an ethnic Assyrian living in Britain is recording ancient tales of adventure sung by modern-day bards. The songs echo stories from and more » Entertainment planner: Feb. 2-15Tribune-ReviewPoetry Out Loud Regional Finals, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg. 724-837-1500 or Lunar New Year Celebration: Year of the Rooster, Children's Museum of

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Fashion Photography Blog - A Resource for Fashion Photographers, Created by One. PhotographyBLOG brings you the latest and greatest photography news, both film and digital, both global and UK-based. Tips for Clients. Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Reception. Speaking at WPPI on Marketing. For Photographers. Speaking at WPPI on Marketing. The world's leading iPhone photography blog.

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Share poems, short stories and spoken word poetry. A creative writing social network. Meet poets, chat in the forums, enter poetry competitions and get feedback  Latest Poems. The Irony in Having the Name "Hope". The Irony in Having the Name “Hope” H.C. My name is Hope and I may be white But that does not mean  Apr 1, 2014.

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The Independent has published an article entitled “Yes, it is OK to punch a Nazi like Richard Spencer in the face” on their blog, but it was deleted within Some people see poetry in motion in a bird taking flight across a wide open sea, or a Sometimes you’ve got a tag-line in place when you first start your blog – if that’s the case They will visit the site to see if we offer: Fiction Short stories Poetry Book critique Literary Agent news They’ll also notice collaborative and So start writing

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published by over 400000 amateur and expert poets in the world's largest website. Browse, publish, and get critical feedback to improve your  3 hours ago Write Out Loud Blogs - and comment from poets and groups. May 10, 2007 is not just an art of creative expression, it is an outlet to relieve stressand to free inner thoughts, emotions, energy, or spirit. is my  Sep 9, 2014 There's a wealth of blogs out there, if only you know where to look. We've picked our.