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As a humanities major, you'll gain the ability to reason critically, communicate effectively, and make connections across broad fields of knowledge. Students of humanities programs take a multidisciplinary approach to education. Programs combine study of languages, literatures, art, music, philosophy, and religion. Jul 30, 2013 - The Question: This piece is in response to the question: Do we need more humanities majors? You can read the “no” answer to this question  Jul 30, 2013 - The Q

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Seaver College Continues the Conversation About Computer SciencePepperdine University GraphicThe “Curriculum Plan” section of Warford and Cupp's Computer Science major proposal that Marshall is referring to says, “The proposal does not have a list of courses for the new major because it would be the job of the primary candidate to lead the Parsippany FocusJason Marin Named to Dean's List at York College of PennsylvaniaParsippany.

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As grim as things are made to sound for majors, reasons to ignore the pressure from parents and employers and go for the humanities. Majors. Student/Faculty Designed Minors. Major Advisor - History of Culture. Professor Sean Murphy . Bond Hall 160 . Phone: 360-650 Social Sciences and Majors and Potential Jobs. Keep reading to see what these common social sciences and.

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Jun 27, 2013 11 Reasons To Ignore The Haters Major In The If you look at a chart of post-graduate salaries, the liberal arts don't look very  The Arts & Humanities (A&H) Merit Scholarship i. applied and were admitted with a declared A&H major (from the list of eligible majors under qualifications). The College of.