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Launched alongside the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system on November 11, 2006, PSN is a comprehensive digital platform and a central part of the greater PlayStation ecosystem. A part of the larger Sony Entertainment Network Changes will also take place at management level. The reorganization puts Shawn Layden, the former leader of Sony Computer Entertainment America, at the reins of the global studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Layden answers directly to the leader of

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If you like Phone Booth I recommend The Recruit, 16 Blocks, The Negotiator, Enemy Of The State, Paycheck Sep 30, 2015 Whether it's Liam Neeson's not-so-veiled threats in Taken or Cuba Gooding Jr.'s “ show me the money!” scene in Jerry Maguire, some of  Apr 14, 2016 AMC, soon to be the largest movie theater operator in the world, has decided to.